Gillette gets 1.4 million dislikes on a single video!

Gillette gets 1.4 million dislikes on a single video!

If you take a look at this campaign by Gillette on YouTube, it has generated a whopping 1.4 million dislikes!

Disclaimer: Now, this article is not about the video being right or wrong. Neither is it about your perception of it, nor mine. Let’s just try and look at this from a plain- ‘marketing campaign’ perspective, of what went so horrendously wrong in this Gillette campaign?

If you scroll through the comments section of this ‘viral’ video, you would notice a pattern of people getting upset regarding Gillette’s blatant insensitivity towards men- Gillette’s target audience. Commenters claim that the video seemed to be bashing and stereotyping masculinity into a negative persona. People also did not appreciate the moral policing done by a corporate company in general.

The campaign seemed to be positioned to ride on the #metoo wave for it to go viral on the internet. It did go viral, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. There was a complete mismatch in Gillette’s target audience and the core conceptualisation of the campaign

Ironically, this blunder also shows the power and magnitude a ‘marketing campaign’ can have on a brand. Like ‘fire’, it can cook food for you but it can also burn you down to ashes.

For any business to succeed, it should genuinely ‘care’ for its target audience i.e. its consumers. I genuinely believe this is where the Gillette campaign fundamentally faulted. That is where the communication was lost and the campaign took a rather viscous turn, unfortunately into its own demise.

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